You Don't Need Hours in the Gym to Get Healthy!

You'll Love This Approach to Healthy Living... Instant Access!

It is Simple and Effective!
Daily Health and Fitness is an easy daily routine to improve and maintain your health.

It combines simple nutrition with a 10-minute workout. Round it off with yoga stretching and meditation for optimal health.

Look and feel your best in under 45 minutes a day, because this daily routine is all you need.
Daily Health and Fitness Cover
A Daily Health Booster Anyone Can Follow
  • Easy to follow nutritional guidelines
  • The amazing Survival Fitness Plan Super Burpee. A warm-up, light stretch, and full body muscle conditioning workout all in one
  • ​A 15-minute yoga routine to stretch and strengthen your body
  • The easy and very effective method of meditation known as yoga nidra
  • ​How to increase life force (prana, qi, elan vital, etc.) in your body with simple breathing exercises
  • ​Written in simple language and accompanied with easy to follow pictures
An Easy to Follow Fitness Program
  • Lose weight
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase functional strength
  • Boost immunity
  • ​Sleep better
  • ​Feel more energized
  • ​Release endorphins and be happier
  • ​Lower stress and anxiety
  • ​Improve your memory
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'Daily Health and Fitness'
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  'Daily Health and Fitness' Cheat Sheet (Value $5)
  'Healthy Eating Tips' Cheat Sheet (Value $5)
  'Yoga Stretch' Quick List (Value $5)
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Praise for Daily Health and Fitness



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