DIY Sustainable Home Projects

80+ Ideas for Sustainable Living

DIY Sustainable Home Projects Cover

Discover 80+ Sustainable Living Projects

Whether you live rural, in the suburbs, or in the city, this book has projects to make your home more sustainable.

Have fun creating a self-sustainable home and in the process you will:
  • Save money. Provide something for yourself and that's money you don't have to spend.
  • Be healthier. Grow and make your own and you can leave all the harmful chemicals out.
  • Help the environment. Self sustainable homes waste less, and that's good for the environment.
  • Make extra income. Discover a variety of ways to make extra income from your sustainability projects.
Sustainable Home Ideas For Everyone
  • Grow a highly efficient vegetable garden for the climate you live in
  • Numerous ways to collect, store, and treat your own water
  • Make your own natural soap and other chemical-free health and hygiene products
  • Raise chickens for eggs and/or meat
  • ​Get started with beekeeping
  • ​Preserve all your extra produce
  • ​Build highly efficient wood ovens
  • ​Harness the power of solar energy for electricity, cooking, and heat
  • ​Make your own oil, flour, dairy free milk, dairy free yogurt, and more - all from one plant
  • ​Control bugs, rodents, and other pests without chemicals or cruel traps
DIY Sustainable Home Projects Cover

... and much more!

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