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This Book Contains the Most Effective Vocal Exercises Around... and More.
Discover everything you need to start your singing journey with this two-part singing lessons book.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned singer that wants to learn new techniques for different genres, this guide will help.

Learn about all the singing skills you need, as well as the best techniques to practice them.

Start improving your singing today, because this is designed for singers of all genres and capabilities.

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Singing Lessons for Beginners
  • Learn the singing fundamentals that every artist needs
  • Explore various genres and find the best one for you
  • Discover your own sound
  • Find the the best tools and practices depending on your chosen genre
Intermediate Singing Lessons
  • Advanced singing exercises
  • Discussions and explanations of specific singing techniques
  • Practical ways of keeping up with trends and techniques
  • In-depth practices and tools
  • ​Learn about singers' anxiety and how to best treat it
  • ​Includes a glossary to explain industry specific wording

... and much more!

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