Teach Yourself to Compose Music!

Acquire All the Essential Music Knowledge and Skills You Need... Instant Access!

This Book Will Help You Create and Improve Your Own Music Compositions, No Matter What Your Skill Level
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Learning music theory and writing sheet music will allow you to better hone your skills as a singer and a composer.

This guide offers both beginners and more advanced singers and songwriters the skills and information to learn how to read, write and compose music.

Start delving deeper into music theory today, because this is the ultimate guide to use when learning how to create music.

Discover All the Elements of Music Composition

  • How to read and write music notation
  • ​Ear training
  • ​How to read any composition in 4 simple steps
  • ​Note transposing
  • ​7 steps to creating your own arrangement
  • ​Where to find the technology and other resources to help you on your musical journey
  • ​Informative images and tables for easy reference
  • ​Interactive exercises for faster learning

... and much more!

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