GarageBand Basics
GarageBand Basics Cover

Produce Your Own Sounds with GarageBand!

Whether you want to record lyrics, an instrument, or a podcast, GarageBand can help you achieve ultimate sound perfection.

'GarageBand Basics' is a beginner-friendly guide of all the basic knowledge you need to start using GarageBand.

Presented in two-parts, you’ll learn Mac GarageBand via mini tutorials on each aspect of the user interface. 

Start learning GarageBand today, because 'GarageBand Basics' offers tutorials, guidelines, shortcuts, and advice for everything the program offers you.
Learn GarageBand Step by Step
  • The exact steps to record your keyboard, guitar, and vocal tracks
  • How to customize the key, time signature, and tempo with only a few clicks
  • Plug-ins, patches, and downloadable libraries of high-quality sound
  • Changes to note pitch, length, velocity, and quantization
  • ​Importing media, like MIDI files and film footage
  • ​How to use audio regions to create the best possible arrangements
  • ​Expert-level shortcut keys to speed up your sound production
  • Control and automation options to refine your melody, chorus, and base
  • ​Smart controls and effects like delay, distortion, and reverb
  • Amps and pedals that mimic popular electric or bass guitar sounds
  • ​The lessons section, where you can take classes in guitar and piano playing
  • ​​Includes an in depth tutorial on how to record quality sounds for any project
GarageBand Basics Cover

... and much more!

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