How to Street Fight
How to Street Fight Cover

Discover all the Street Fighting Techniques You Need!

2+ books in 1 make this the only book you need on close combat fighting.

It contains all the information from…

* How to Win a Street Fight
* Ground Fighting Techniques to Destroy Your Enemy

... and adds a whole lot more!

Discover all the techniques you need to win any brawl, because this is a simple, unrefined, and aggressive street fighting guide.
Effective Close Combat Self-Defense Training
  • Staying safe and minimizing injuries whilst learning self defense
  • Achieving the most power from your strikes
  • Pressure points for self-defense without needing pinpoint accuracy
  • A simple and natural all-purpose fighting stance
  • ​A variety of training methods to best equip you for any street survival situation
  • ​How to use ANYTHING as street fighting weapons, and the best ways to use them
  • ​The best ways to finish your opponents, FAST!
  • ​Effective striking methods you can use straight away
  • ​The 3 second (or less) KO!
  • ​Ground fighting techniques and strategy
  • ​How to regain the upper hand should you get overwhelmed during a street fight
  • ​Knife fighting techniques
  • ​How to disarm an opponent with a weapon
How to Street Fight Cover

... and much more!

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