Music Theory for Beginners
Music Theory for Beginners Cover

Play in Perfect Harmony!

Music Theory for Beginners is a thorough yet accessible guide.

It’s written without confusing terms or jargon, and you can use the concepts to play any instrument in any style or genre.

Rather than telling you what to do, it trains your ears and hands to express yourself. You can even use what you learn to produce your own original music on a laptop!

Discover how to express yourself through rhythm and notes, because music theory doesn’t have to be intimidating or tedious.
In this music theory guide, you’ll discover:
  • How to combine notes and chords in a pleasing way
  • The history of music theory from the invention of the octave in ancient Greece
  • How to train your ears for sound, pitch, timbre, and tone
  • Everything you need to know about intervals—major and minor, chromatic and diatonic
  • ​Scales, key signatures, and how they make your song sound lighter or more melancholic
  • ​​Tempo, bar, and time signatures, and how to use an advanced-level polyrhythm
  • ​Steps to transpose any composition from one key to another
  • ​Dissonance, consonance, and other creative techniques to build intensity and drama
  • ​Tips to compose your own music &/or improvise on the spot
Music Theory for Beginners Cover

... and much more!

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