Practical Arnis Stick Fighting

Vortex Control Stick Fighting for Self-Defense

Practical Arnis Stick Fighting Cover

Teach Yourself Stick Fighting!

Discover a stick fighting method that actually works in the streets of today.

This training manual focuses on the most practical stick fighting techniques for self-defense.

It combines stick fighting techniques from a variety of Kali Arnis grandmasters. Although easy to learn, the techniques and training drills are highly effective.

Now you can learn stick fighting adapted for the streets of today, because this training manual has all the exercises you need.
Learn Street-Effective Stick Fighting
  • The single best strike which will end 99% of street-based confrontations
  • Strike drills covering all angles of attack
  • Proper stance and movement to get the most power from your strikes
  • Little known but very effective snatch techniques to take your opponent's weapon
  • ​Flow drills to make the techniques instinctive

Versatile, Modern, and Practical

The Arnis stick is one of the most versatile martial arts weapons.

You can apply the techniques in this stick fighting book to a wide range of common items such as:
  • Half a pool cue
  • Umbrella
  • ​Wooden stake
  • Stick on the ground, etc.
This flexibility makes it very practical for self-defense.
Practical Arnis Stick Fighting Cover

This publication has the approval of Peter Sunbye, creator of Vortex Control Self-Defense.

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