The Self-Defense Handbook

The Best Street Fighting Moves and Self-Defense Techniques

The Self-Defense Handbook Cover

Teach Yourself Self-Defense!

Inside this four-part self-defense training manual, you will learn:
  • The Principles of Self-Defense. The information in this section is more valuable from a self-defense point of view than any of the individual techniques.
  • Basic Self-Defense Techniques. Simple and effective moves to escape your attacker(s) and get to safety.
  • Advanced Strikes & Strategies. Use these tactics when the basic self-defense techniques are too aggressive, such as in a "friendly" pub or schoolyard brawl.
  • Weapon Disarms. Advanced lessons on how to disarm an attacker and fight multiple opponents.
This is the only self-defense training manual you need, because these are the best street fighting moves around.
Discover Real Street Fighting Tactics
  • The best target areas for self-defense and which strikes to use
  • How to achieve street fighting knockouts
  • Ground fighting techniques for self-defense
  • Easy to apply strategies for attack and defense
  • ​The correct way to use choke holds and how to escape them
  • The best self-defense objects from everyday items
  • ​Weapon vs weapon street fighting training
  • ​How to adapt what you learn to any situation

Adapted From Proven Street Fighting Styles

This no-nonsense self-defense training manual focuses on the most effective techniques from a wide variety of martial arts, including (but not limited to):
  • Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's martial art)
  • Vortex Control Self-Defense (eclectic self-defense)
  • ​Kali/Escrima Arnis (Filipino weapon-based martial arts)
  • Krav Maga (Israel military)
  • ​Systema (Russian military)
  • ​Mixed Martial Arts (strikes and ground fighting)
The Self-Defense Handbook Cover

Includes Exclusive Training Schedule for More Effective Learning

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