Vortex Control Self-Defense

Hand to Hand Street Fighting Tactics

Vortex Control Self-Defense Cover

Teach Yourself Hand-to-Hand Combat!

This street fighting book makes learning hand-to-hand combat easy.

It is much more than a bunch of self-defense tips. Once you know the basics, physical limitations such as strength, age, or fitness level are no issue.

This is an effective yet easy to learn method of self-defense derived from over 20 years of research.

Teach yourself this highly effective system today, because traditional martial arts don't work on the streets.
Learn the Science of Modern Self-Defense

Easy to Learn and Highly Effective

  • The use of power angles for an unbreakable defense
  • A simple yet devastating fighting strategy following military principles of warfare
  • The concept of "weaponizing" to get the most damage out of all your movements
  • Harnessing gravitational forces to maximize power in all your strikes
  • ​Using body mechanics and physics for maximum efficiency and increased damage to your opponent

Vortex Control Self-Defense Includes

  • Simple explanations of the Vortex Control Self-Defense principles
  • Footwork and the unique bomb-kicks
  • ​Easy to learn entry techniques to break through your opponent's guard
  • Devastating hand combinations presented in a formulaic method
  • ​15+ highly practical arm, hand, and finger locks. Use them for pain compliance, disarming, and/or breaking limbs
Vortex Control Self-Defense Cover

Combines the Most Effective Chinese and Filipino Martial Arts

  • GM Lawrence Lee's Tong Kune Do Kung Fu
  • ​Wing Chun
  • Balintawak Arnis Escrima
  • ​Panatukan street fighting
... and much more!

This publication has the approval of Peter Sunbye, creator of Vortex Control Self-Defense

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